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Hi, I am Chance Korte

I was born in Torrance, California and raised in Los Angeles County foster care. All my life I have been dedicated to using the gift of knowledge to make a positive difference in the lives of others. I have been a website, brand and technology administrator for decades. My unique approach and “think outside the box” mentality makes for some of the most innovative, reliable and affordable technology business solutions. I have become renowned for my creative solutions to technological problems. If there is a problem in need of a solution, I am the man for the job. Even if I can’t provide the solution myself, I will find the solution for you from someone you can trust.


All of the services I provide are top-notch and always backed by a money back guarantee. I am confident in my ability to provide nothing short of excellence but don’t just take my word for it. Feel free to check out my client submitted testimonials here or I can provide professional references upon request.


When you work with me you can always be certain that I will be honest, dependable, ethical, and trustworthy. This is not just a job, this is my passion.


Listed below is just a small number of my best skills. For a full list of my skills, please call (702) 342-9342 or send me an email. Thank you.


For over a decade I have been managing websites and the technology that powers them with an extremely high customer satisfaction rating. I have become renowned for my webmaster services. I have this uncanny ability to do amazing things with websites.


I have been in the telecom business in one form or another for many years. I worked for wireless carriers for many years doing anything anywhere from sales to repair. I am currently focused on the VoIP industry.

IT Professional

I ensure the smooth flow of daily operations at multiple companies by recommending, installing, and maintaining all of the technology within these companies such as their website, the server it runs on, their pbx system, telephones, fax lines, faxes, printers, etc.


I have been doing voiceovers professionally for many years. I have a standard American accent with a calming deep voice. I am also quite skilled at script writing as well. Most of my clients use phone system greetings I have written and/or recorded myself.


Here is just some of the work I have done.

  • All
  • Logo Design
  • Social Media Graphics
  • Web Design


I look forward to hearing from you.

(702) 342-9342

(702) 342-9431